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Date: September 26, 2021
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Get to know the candidates and their proposals for Lisbon.

More Lisbon

Coalition PS + Livre + Citizens for Lisbon + Lisbon is Lots of People, headed by Fernando Medina.

New Times

Coalition PSD + CDS + Alliance + MPT + PPM, headed by Carlos Moedas.

Left Block

Candidacy headed by Beatriz Gomes Dias.


PCP + PEV coalition, headed by João Ferreira.

Liberal Initiative

Candidacy headed by Bruno Horta Soares.


Candidacy headed by Manuela Gonzaga.

We, Citizens

Candidacy headed by Sofia Afonso Ferreira.

We Are All Lisbon

Independent candidacy headed by Ossanda Liber.


Candidacy headed by Bruno Fialho.


Candidacy headed by João Patrocínio.


Candidacy headed by Nuno Graciano.


You know the people who are applying for Lisbon.

Municipal Chamber

The candidate lists for the Lisbon City Council.

Municipal Assembly

The candidate lists for the Lisbon Municipal Assembly.

Parish Assemblies

The candidate lists for the Lisbon Parish Assemblies.