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LPP Journal #1 - Jan 2024


The first edition of the LPP newspaper. There are 24 pages of news, reports, a major interview, chronicles and quizzes.

After a successful pre-launch campaign, in which more than 250 people took part, the first edition of the LPP Newspaper - the new newspaper for the Lisbon metropolitan area - is now available for sale online and in selected physical locations.

Published quarterly and with a circulation of 1000 copies, the LPP Newspaper each issue will offer unpublished reports and stories from different parts of the metropolitan area, a great interview to read calmly, underline and save, chronicles, a games page, as well as a current affairs section with some of the best content from each quarter. O LPP Newspaper is edited by Lisbon For People (LPP), which until now had an exclusively online edition, in

After consolidating this digital platform with hundreds of thousands of readers, LPP wants to go further and take reflections on Metropolitan Lisbon to another level. It wants to be more present on the commute to work, on the coffee table, hand in hand with friends on a stroll along one of the marginals or, when the weather warms up again, on the beach.

More than just a current affairs newspaper, the aim is for the LPP Newspaper is a way of socializing an attitude, of generating a conversation, of experiencing the metropolitan area. This newspaper is also a form of citizenship, because information can be a powerful tool for building more informed and interconnected communities. That's why this newspaper is designed to be of the highest quality, on good paper and with good printing. This is not a newspaper to read and throw away; it's a newspaper to stand the test of time and remain useful.

O LPP Newspaper will have four issues a year: in March, June, September and December. The edition that is now on sale is a pilot edition, allowing us to get a feel for the difficulty of the processes and to iron out the kinks in the newspaper before the "first official edition" in March. This process will not be disconnected from the readers: as LPP is a community newspaper, which recognizes the importance of collaborating with its audience, a online questionnaire to be exchanged feedbackso that it can be reflected in the next edition.

O LPP Newspaper is available online via 3,50 € (+ postage) and soon in selected physical locations. Interested readers can make an annual subscription (18 €, postage included), to receive all the editions comfortably at home, or a digital subscription (from €5/month), which will give you access to the entire digital archive of the LPP newspaper and other benefits.

The launch of a physical, paper edition marks a significant step in the expansion of LPP's presence, reaffirming this editorial project's commitment to disseminating relevant, quality news about the country's largest metropolitan area. Since its launch in February 2021, LPP has been on a sustainable path, showing its value and proving its impact.


Assina o Jornal LPP e recebe-o em casa de quatro em quatro meses, durante um ano: Janeiro, Maio e Setembro. Fazemos envios internacionais.

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