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Contactless arrives at the Lisbon Metro. It is already possible to travel without buying a ticket before

It is now possible to travel on the Lisbon Metro network and pay the ticket simply by approaching a bank card, a cell phone or a watch. It is no longer necessary to go to the machine to buy disposable cards and tickets.

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As of today, those who occasionally travel on the Lisbon Metro no longer need to carry Navegante cards behind them, nor waste time buying tickets at the machines. All you have to do is to go to the gates, pull up your bank card, your cell phone or your watch with contactlessand go in. On the way out, it is to do the same. Each trip costs EUR 1.65as usual.

Metro de Lisboa, in partnership with the payment companies Visa, Indra, Cybersource, Littlepay and Unicre, started to offer payments contactless in the validation channels of all stations, in a project that intends to change the lives of those who use the service.

As of today, all occasional users of the Lisbon Metro have at their disposal a new technology installed throughout the network that makes it possible to pass them by presentation of a bank card - debit or credit - or a cell phone or watch with payments contactless (Apple Pay, Google Pay...) contactlessIt is not necessary to typically purchase a ticket or an Occasional Navigator card in advance.

The equipments installed, by Indra, in the access channels read the card and automatically debit the amount of the trip in the user's bank account. In this new payment method, trips have the normal cost of 1,65 euros, for the entire Lisbon Metro network. That is, each trip - which starts counting when the passenger enters the network and ends when he or she leaves - costs 1.65 euros; in case you make several trips in one day, the value of a daily ticket will not be automatically calculated - a system that exists, for example, in Porto's public transportation network.

It should also be noted that the advance purchase of a Metro ticket (for 1.65 euros) allows unlimited use of the service for 60 minutes (getting on and off at will), as well as the use of Carris. With the modality contactlessThis flexibility is not possible. Trips made with contactless in the Lisbon Metro are debited from the bank account at the end of the day and can be consulted on this portal.

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For the success of this deep change, the Lisbon Metro counts with the contribution of Visa and the technological partnership of Indra, having been installed 1,504 readers contactless in 752 validation channels over the past few months. Although Visa is Metro's partner, cards from any bank network are accepted - not only Visa, but also Mastercard.

Digital payment solutions have emerged as an important tool to make urban mobility more efficient and appealing, both for regular and sporadic passengers. According to a study conducted by Visa on the urban mobility habits and preferences of the Portuguese, 44% of those who use public transportation believe they would use it more often if payments were available contactless and 60% hope that in the future this technology will be available in all public transportation.

On the occasion of this launch, Metro de Lisboa reinforces the campaign "Pass the card, not the wallet", which calls on customers to validate their trip with only one card, avoiding duplicate payments. Customers must validate correctly their transport tickets, bank cards and devices contactless separately.

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