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Images of the exteriors of the new Red Line stations released

Metro de Lisboa shows how the three future underground stations that will result from the extension of the Red Line will look: Campolide/Amoreiras, Campo de Ourique and Infante Santo.

One of the future accesses to the Metro in Amoreiras (image via ML)

We had already seen how the future Alcântara station will fit into the landscape; now we can see what the exterior of the remaining three Lisbon Metro stations that will result from the extension of the Red Line will look like. The company shared this week, renders of the future stops at Campolide/Amoreiras, Campo de Ourique and Infante Santo.

Campolide/Amoreiras Station

  • Depth: 18.5 meters;
  • Location: along Rua Conselheiro Fernando Sousa, near its junction with Av. Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco;
  • Access: five accesses: two on Rua Conselheiro Fernando de Sousa, a third on Av. Eng.º Duarte Pacheco, a fourth next to the Amoreiras Shopping Center complex, and a fifth opposite the fourth access, serving the Rua das Amoreiras area. The connection between accesses 4 and 5 to the station body will be via an underground tunnel. A connection from the station to the Amoreiras Shopping Center will not, in the end, be made by the Metro, but will depend on the interest of the shopping center's management.

Campo de Ourique Station

  • Depth: 31 meters;
  • Location: Jardim Teófilo Braga/Jardim da Parada. Two elevators will be the only structures to emerge in Jardim da Parada when the station opens to the public and will be located where the toilets are today;
  • Access: two accesses; one on Rua Almeida e Sousa, near the intersection of Rua Ferreira Borges, and a second on Rua Francisco Metrass.

Infante Santo Station

  • Depth: 29.5 meters;
  • Location: between Av. Infante Santo and Calçada das Necessidades;
  • Access: two accesses on Av. Infante Santo, on the public promenade; one of them will take advantage of the natural unevenness of the avenue, and the second will be located at the top and will be equipped with two escalators.

Five proposals under consideration

The public tender for the design and construction of the Red Line extension between São Sebastião and Alcântara is almost closed. Right now, five proposals are under consideration of various construction companies: 1) that of a consortium made up of FCC Construcción, Contratas Y Ventas and Alberto Couto Alves; 2) that of another consortium made up of Teixeira Duarte, Casais, Alves Ribeiro, Tecnocia, EPOS and Somafel; 3) that of a consortium that brings together Mota-Engil and SPIE Batignolles; 4) that of the consortium formed by Acciona Construcción and Domingos da Silva Teixeira; 5) that of the consortium formed by Zagope, COMSA and Fergrupo.

With a total length of around four kilometers, the extension of the Red Line will start from the area already built, located after São Sebastião station, through a tunnel section already built next to the Palácio da Justiça. Along the route, three new underground stations are to be built - Amoreiras/Campolide, Campo de Ourique and Infante Santo - and one surface station, Alcântara.

The extension is scheduled for completion in 2026, under the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR), with funding totaling 405.4 million euros. The five bids range from 306 to 345 million euros, and the public tender was launched with a base price of 330 million.

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