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How to make the Navigator Pass in 5 minutes?

No queues and no hassle. Did you know that you can make a pass card in just a few minutes? All you have to do is go to one of the various Navegante Points that exist throughout the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (AML). In these automatic machines, you can print a Navigator Card in 5 minutes, which is immediately ready to use.

What are the Navegante Points?

  • The Navigator Points are automatic machines where you can make a "Cartão Navegante" in 5 minutes. You just need to have with you your Citizen Card (CC) and a bank card.
  • There are 21 Navigator Points spread throughout the AML - at least one in each municipality. In Lisbon, there are 3 of these machines: 1 in the Lisbon City Hall building in Campo Grande, and the other 2 in the lobby of the Alameda Metro station.

What do I need?

  • All you need is your CC and a bank card. The first step is to insert your CC into the machine, it will extract some personal data from you and ask you for the rest. You don't need to have any photo with you because it is taken from the CC.
  • At the end, you just have to indicate if you want to receive the invoice by e-mail and make the payment. In some Navegante Points, the option contactlessSo in addition to a bank card, you can also use a cell phone with NFC and an Apple Pay style option.
  • The process will take about 5 minutes and costs 12 eurosThis is equivalent to requesting the "Navegante" card in urgent mode at an attended ticket office. Once the payment is made, the Navigator Card will be printed on the spot and you will be able to use it immediately.

The use of Ponto Navegante will be easy, fast and affordable, with no long paper forms to fill out, no need to take a picture, and no waiting. O software was designed to shorten the time spent using the keyboard - for example, some data is filled in automatically from the information on the Citizen Card, so that the user doesn't have to type everything in.

The height of the machine was designed to be as accessible as possible, including to people in wheelchairs. But the effort for inclusion was also made at the level of the colors used in the menus and buttons inside the software - The needs of people with any degree of color blindness have been safeguarded.

And then what?

  • In the same Ponto Naveganteyou can load the Navigator Card with the pass that you wantincluding the Navegante 12 (for children up to 12 years old, inclusive) and the Navegante 65+ (for those over 65 years old).
  • If you need to join one of the modalities 4_18 or sub_23you can do it later at any operator's face-to-face service station.

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