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Navegante cards can now be loaded at 900 stores throughout amL

The network of Navegante Agents has doubled. There are now 900 neighborhood stores, stationery stores, cafes and supermarkets where it is possible to load the pass or balance on the public transportation card.

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A network of Navegante Agentsstores, stationery stores, and nearby supermarkets where it is possible to load a Navegante card with the pass or balance zappingincreased from about 400 pre-existing commercial establishments to 900The intention is to grow this proximity network to 1500 locations.

There are several ways to buy a pass or load the card with balance to use public transportation in the Lisbon metropolitan area, but is the network of Navigator Agents that allows the largest number of amL's inhabitants to have, close to their residence or workplace, a commercial establishment where to perform these tasks.

The Navegante Agents work under the network Payshopwhich belongs to CTT and consists of a marketplace for face-to-face payments. The Payshop points can be neighborhood stores, stationery stores, coffee shops and supermarkets. At these locations, it is possible to charge your cell phone, buy trips or charge public transportation cards (including Rede Expressos), pay domestic bills for electricity, water, gas, and communications, pay taxes, pay tolls, etc.

The complete list of Navigator Agents can be consulted here. In the city of Lisbon alone there are over 300 Payshop points, where residents can also charge their free passes (students up to 23/24 years old and over 65 years old). In the metropolitan area, there are more than 600 points, and any commercial establishment can become a Payshop point. by filling out this form.

The Navegante Agents are contracted by Transportes Metropolitanos de Lisboa (TML) to Payshop, The intention is that, in the near future, the loading of Navegante titles be extended to CTT Stores and Post Offices of the metropolitan area. This network of Agents is identified with its own sticker at the entrance. TML is responsible for the management of the metropolitan ticketing ecosystem, the Navegante, and ensures the intermodality and interoperability of the transport system of the metropolitan area of Lisbon.

Note that there are several ways to charge the Navegante Pass card: with a cell phone and the application Pick Hubin a any ATMThe occasional/disposable cards can only be loaded at the operators' machines or counters, and at the Navegante Spaces and Points, besides the Navegante Agents. The occasional/disposable cards can only be loaded at the operators' machines and counters, at the Navegante Spaces and Navegante Agents.

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