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Lisbon has a new cycle path, but only for a week

Stay until next weekend, when European Mobility Week ends.

There's a new cycle path in Lisbon (LPP photo)

Lisbon has a new cycle path. But only for a week, until the 22nd. It starts in Praça dos Restauradores, at the end of the 30+ bike lane on Avenida da Liberdade (which is currently being redesigned) and ends in Rossio, next to the GIRA station and Rua Augusta.

The 300 and a few meters was created by the Lisbon City Council to mark the European Mobility Week and also the city's participation in the BICI - Bloomberg Initiative for Cycling Infrastructurea program promoted by Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Global Designing Cities Initiative. Through this initiative, the city will receive 400,000 dollars to improve cycling links for 20 schools, covering 20,000 students.

The stretch of cycle path between Restauradores and Rossio was built with paint and plastic barriersIt can be easily removed at the end of the week, on the 22nd. In Praça dos Restauradores, there is a connection to the 30+ bike lane on Avenida da Liberdade, and in Rossio there is a connection to Rua dos Sapateiros, a small alleyway between Rua do Ouro and Rua Augusta. A traffic lane has been eliminated for the cycle path. Signs have been placed along this stretch, making the route clear to users.

Lisbon City Council has a online questionnaire to give your opinion on the pop-up bike path. You can take part until the 22nd.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday 20th, at 3pm, there will be a celebration in Rua da Prata, about the BICI program and this pop-up bike path. Everyone who cycles in the city (and beyond) is invited to attend.

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