Superblock in Campo de Ourique: concept, process and result

In Campo de Ourique, Lisbon, between September 9 and 17, the Superquarteirão concept was tested for the first time. But what is a Superblock anyway? And what conclusions can be drawn from this experiment? This is the story of a process that began with the initiative of a group of residents and was supported by various associations that defend road safety, the environment and urban mobility. And it aims to inspire other people and groups to be drivers of change.

LPP Photography

At the end of the summer of 2022, the first news broke that the Campo de Ourique Metro station would be located in Jardim da Parada. And with it also came the first concerns of the neighborhood's residents, who have that garden as a place of memory and a daily refuge. In reaction to this news, two groups emerged: one opposed the construction of the Metro in that location; and another that, without opposing the location, strove to minimize the impacts of the work and maximize its opportunities.

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