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Parallel to Avenida de Berna to be redeveloped into a cycle path

Avenida Santos Dumont, next to Praça de Espanha, Gulbenkian and the Rego neighborhood, will gain comfortable sidewalks, raised crosswalks, more trees and a cycle lane, which will be mostly 30+ bikes.

Santos Dumont Avenue (LPP photo)

Avenida Santos Dumont, between Gulbenkian and the Rego neighborhood in Lisbon, will be upgraded. With this intervention, the avenue will gain comfortable rides, raised walkwaysa cycle path (both segregated and in a shared 30+bike model) and one road per direction.

The redevelopment of Avenida Santos Dumont follows the recent intervention in Praça de Espanha, which involved building an urban park and redesigning the road network. This new square "It is the genesis of an urban transformation that is intended to be more comprehensive and integrative. The paradigm shift it proposes, towards a more ecological and humane city, does not end with the construction of the park"can be read in the project documentation. A "centrality and qualified public space" Plaza de España "anticipate greater attractiveness of Avenida Santos Dumont, with greater pedestrian use and growing commercial activity".

The intervention on Avenida Santos Dumont will cost around 1.18 million euros The work will be carried out by Estrela do Norte construction company and is the responsibility of the municipal company SRU. The avenue will gain a uniform profile with a continuous alignment of trees on the central divider, where there will be parking and a pedestrian corridor to access this parking. There will also be parking next to the façades, but the the biggest change concerns the introduction of sidewalk that is comfortable for walking and the raising of all the crosswalks. The aim is to improve pedestrian mobility by making it more accessible and safer, thereby stimulating existing businesses and attracting new ones.

Avenida Santos Dumont will become a 30+bicycle route, inviting the shared circulation of bicycles and cars, except for the section near Praça de Espanha, where there will be a central separator. small bidirectional cycle path 2.50 meters wide. A GIRA bike-sharing station is also planned for this location.

Santos Dumont Avenue (LPP photo)

Santos Dumont is now a quiet and peaceful avenue in the cityIt has irregular sidewalks, a disorganized central divider and no pedestrian accessibility measures. With the creation of the Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles Urban Park and the reorganization of Praça de Espanha's roads, the aim is to turn this forgotten avenue - where there is already some commerce - into a central avenue, not least because the new headquarters of Pingo Doce and Montepio, as well as new housing developments, are planned for the surrounding area..

The redevelopment of Avenida Santos Dumont will cover an area of approximately 9,000 m2where In the future, the entire surrounding area will be an area of more than 25.4 thousand m2. This intervention will involve the creation of a tree corridor next to the train line for a better landscape setting, the creation of a new street connected to Avenida dos Combatentes and the extension of Rua Actor Alves da Costa to establish a new access to the IPO.

Removing the bike lane from the Avenue de Berne was a "political" decision

Avenida Santos Dumont runs parallel to Avenida de Berna, in 2023, it will no longer have one-way bike lanes along its entire length. The channel had been created in 2021, during Medina's term, amid some controversy. The Lisbon City Council decided, during its current mandate, to reduce the Avenida de Berna cycle lane, keeping it only in the Gulbenkian block, in a bidirectional format - a decision that the Vice President of the municipality has already admitted. have been "a political issue" and not a technical decision.

At the presentation of the results of the audit of the cycling network two weeks agoFilipe Anacoreta Correia said that the audit report was silent on this cycle path [when the auditors visited, there was still a cycle path along the entire length of the avenue]. The Vice-President stressed that there was "an election promise from the Avenidas Novas Parish Council" e "a consensus that the bike lane was badly designed"However, he said that the council's decision to remove part of the cycle path in order to put in car parking had been made apart from the audit.

Current cycle path on Avenida de Berna (LPP photo)

"At the moment we have a provisional solution and we are completing the project for the definitive solution." a project that is included in the action plan presented two weeks ago and which This involves extending the bicycle lane, which currently exists only in the Gulbenkian block, next to Praça de Espanha, for another two blocks, to the FCSH..

The cycling channel that now exists on Avenida de Berna does not meet the legal minimums, and is being targeted by a complaint to the Public Prosecutor's Office by the associations MUBi and ZEROThe audit found that the 30+ bike lane on Avenida Elias Garcia is unsafe and uncomfortable for cyclists because of the heavy traffic.

The new cycle route on Avenida Santos Dumont will not replace the current one on Avenida de Berna and will be two parallel routes. However, the new bi-directional and 30+ bike lane on Santos Dumont will be more disconnected from the city's cycling network, with only a direct link to the cycle lanes on Plaza de España, since there are no longer any unidirectional cycle lanes on Avenida de Berna.


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